'They Bleed Pixels' debut trailer released


Back in February, when I discovered Spooky Squid Games' blend of intense platforming and ultra-violent combat called They Bleed Pixels, I was instantly overcome by a thirst for blood that only the release of this game would ever be able to quench. The developer has not specified an exact date yet, only naming Summer 2011 so far, but release seems to be nearing as they have released a lovely debut trailer. Watch a little girl with claws dismembering countless enemies in various imaginative ways, almost making Wolverine look like a tame kitten in comparison.

IndieWatch videos now on gamepro.de

In my articles on GamePro's IndieWatch series I'm trying to spread the word about this german dashboard promotion for Xbox LIVE Indie Games. The articles never actually mention what is said in the videos, but rather show my opinion on the games presented in them. Due to the lack of a video capturing device, I have not been able to present the videos here, but recently GamePro started posting the videos on their site, so anyone can watch their recommendations now without needing to visit the Inside Xbox channel of the german dashboard, but note that all audio commentary is in german. Funnily, the website is four episodes behind although it is a bi-weekly series, which makes me wonder what takes them so long to update and if they will keep posting the videos.

I have updated all my articles on IndieWatch to include the corresponding videos at the end of the posts. So in case all the german words on gamepro.de make you dizzy, you are welcome to watch the videos and read my thoughts on the games featured in them here in our cozy Indie Lair.

IndieWatch Episode Six

Is it a joy, joy if one shoots up at giant, robotic boobs?

I've been so busy over the past few weeks (and still am) that I've been severely neglecting the Indie Lair and now have to catch up with GamePro, which is still promoting selected Xbox LIVE Indie Games on the german dashboard in a bi-weekly video series called IndieWatch. With episode six they slightly changed the presentation, inserting the GamePro logo on the startup picture on the Inside Xbox channel and shortening the title to "#06" (instead of "Folge 06", which is german for "episode"). Due to time constraints, I will quote marketplace descriptions for most titles but will also state my personal opinion in a few words - a few more when I think the title deserves it. I usually have played at least the trials of the featured games (if not stated otherwise) and will give recommendations based on my experiences. You can also find the video at the end of the article. So let's take a look at the line-up of episode 06!

Trial impressions: Zombie Death Car

Yet another Xbox LIVE Indie Game with zombies in it, but this time things are different. This is not your usual "mind-blowing" twin stick or sniping shooter. No, this time you will have to do without a shotgun or rifle, your only weapon is an old police muscle car, the infamous Zombie Death Car, which - as its name implies - brings death to zombies that are trying to escape, but is hurting the player way more than the undead, who have my sympathy for trying to get out of this 3D driving game. The developer's description: "Stop the zombie hoard from escaping with your car." Well, I would hand them the keys...