Mini review: Inertia!

 In space, no one can hear you scream...

Inertia! is a rather short platformer offering only 9 levels but features some interesting novel gameplay. The player must escape a space station filled with traps like flames and broken power supply lines, and can defy gravity by activating inertia, letting the character float into the direction in which he had been moving before. While floating the character will bounce off walls, reaching locations he couldn't have gotten to otherwise. All levels can be played in time trial or reverse mode, the latter making you start at the end of each level and backtracking to the beginning. This may sound like a cheap way to extend the amount of content, but some levels are actually a little harder and require a different approach in reverse, which makes this mode a nice addition.

 The controls could be a little tighter for my taste as they feel a little too floaty (even without inertia being activated) and overly sensitive, but you will get used to it after a few minutes. Presentation and graphics are rather basic, but the soundtrack is very atmospheric and for 80 MSP you can't go wrong if you like platformers with a little twist.

Get the trial here and let me know how you liked the game!

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