Spooky Squid Games working on bloody XBLIG platformer 'They Bleed Pixels'

The canadian indie developer Spooky Squid Games Inc. is currently working on a very promising looking title called 'They Bleed Pixels', a game they describe as "a fast paced, gothic, low-fi pixel art, platforming beat'em up". Its platforming gameplay is slightly reminiscient of N or N+ while its beat'em up component comes across as the 8-bit 2D equivalent of Bulletstorm, enabling the player to humiliate opponents by finishing them off with aerial kills, kicking them into spikes or stomping them into a bloody pulp.

So the game's title fits perfectly and with neat retro visuals and lovely chip tune music by DJ Finish Him, it's a game to look forward to for all fans of old school platformers. They haven't announced a release date yet but it's sure to hit XBLIG sometime this year.

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