XBLIG promotion 'IndieWatch' continues with Episode 2 on german dashboard

GamePro's IndieWatch series, introduced to the Inside Xbox channel on the german dashboard two weeks ago, continues with episode two this week and promotes another four titles that are well worth checking out. The games have not yet appeared on the Top Downloads list again but I have discovered the video just last night, so it probably will only take some time to get noticed and to have enough impact on the list. Unfortunately, Silver Dollar Games' Office Affairs is back on the top spot which proves that a half naked woman on the box art will make people download any kind of crap. Check out Viggo's Review of the "game" and you'll see what I mean. At least, the GamePro editors display a better taste and this week's selection of XBL Indie Games for the IndieWatch video is proof of it:

radiangames Fluid


Treasure Treasure: FFEE

Jackpot Stadium

Two of XBLIG's most prominent developers - radiangames and Mommy's Best Games - are featured in this episode, and while I think Fluid is the weakest in the radiangames series, it is still a must-buy and a great new take on the Pac-Man formula. MBG's Explosionade is definitely one of my favorite action platformers (and XBLIG in general) and I'm glad it gets some spotlight as it is not placed among the top 50 on the german Top Rated list anymore (it's currently on 67th position). A unique art style, jumping and shooting with innovative control mechanics, lots of explosions and local two player co-op make it an essential part of any XBLIG collection, especially at the ridiculous price of 80 MSP. At the same price, Ishisoft's Treasure Treasure: FFEE also offers local two player co-op but is rather a puzzle platformer with lovely, gameboyish retro visuals, a little short but great fun. I have never played Jackpot Stadium, the last title featured in the video, but this blend of Pong and pinball elements looks very polished and might be a lot of fun with a second player. I'm going to check out its trial now, and if you're looking for some quality titles on the Xbox LIVE Indie Games marketplace, you should definitely give the games mentioned above a try right now.

Update Friday, March 11:
Today, all four games are back on the Top Downloads list with Explosionade on 3rd and Fluid on 1st position. It would be interesting to get developer's feedback on how much impact such a promotion has on actual sales.

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