About The Indie Lair

In the beginning

November 19, 2008 was a memorable day for me. I was celebrating my birthday and Microsoft had been preparing a very special present for me: the shiny New Xbox Experience. Apart from a neat visual redesign of the dashboard, this update for the Xbox 360 included many new features such as Avatars, installation of disc games to hard drive and Xbox LIVE Parties. But what I was most interested in were the Community Games, which is how our beloved Indie Games were named back then. When I  first read about Community Games, I was instantly reminded of Net Yaroze Games for PlayStation 1, and I had been having a lot fun with those, so I was really looking forward to having a similar experience on the Xbox 360. I certainly found what I was looking for as I have purchased almost 70 Indie Games over the last two years, but I had to play a lot of trials in order to find the titles worth my Microsoft Points.

I can feel it coming - Indie Lair tonight...

Since their introduction to the Marketplace, more than 1600 indie games have been released on the Xbox 360 (as of February 2011) and it's been becoming increasingly harder to find the gems worth playing, especially for those players who have just recently discovered XBLIG. I have come to appreciate some passionate supporters of the XBLIG community out there (see Recommended XBLIG Sites) who keep constantly blogging and twittering about indie games and I have sometimes tried to participate in their efforts. Now the time has come for me to increase my own efforts to promote Xbox LIVE Indie Games by opening the Indie Lair, my own personal hideout where I'd like to share my thoughts on selected games and miscellaneous stuff concerned with XBLIG.


I don't intend to do this on a professional basis, anything written here will only reflect my personal interests and my subjective opinion. There will be a strong focus on platformers, as this is my favorite genre. Other genres are not out of the question, but it will be hard enough finding the time to write at all, so I will need to focus on what is most dear to me. All I want to do is spread the word about XBLIG that I believe deserve it and support the developers and the community. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to comment on my articles or contact me.